SITREP #00234

Arma 3 Contact, Update 1.94, Global Mobilization Update


Welcome to a new edition of the COMRAD. As always we'll be looking at recent community highlights, including some of the user-made content related to the upcoming #Arma3Contact expansion. So let's get straight into it!


In the latest issue of the Community Radar we've looked at the most recent activity within the Arma 3 community.

SPOTREP #00088

Game Update 1.92 (Launcher DLC Section, Dynamic Weapon Magazines)

SITREP #00233

Creator DLC, Global Mobilization, 1.92 Update

SPOTREP #00087

Hotfix #2 1.90 (Special Character Compatibility)

SPOTREP #00086

Hotfix 1.90 (Multiplayer Security, Session Lost Messaging)