The Cold War hits 1980s northern Germany. Fight on an all-new 419 km2 terrain with 42 new vehicles and vehicle variants, 21 new weapons including weapon variants, and a ton of additional character assets. Play a 10-mission singleplayer campaign, or choose from 17 multiplayer scenarios available in both summer and snowy winter conditions.


Arma 3 players

Creator DLC is brand new additional content for Arma 3, which is made by third-party developers, and published by Bohemia Interactive. Our goal with Creator DLC is to provide more original quality content to players, create an opportunity for outside talent to earn a financial reward, while also making it possible for Bohemia to invest more into the Arma series' long-term future.

Arma 3 Creator DLC packs are fully developed by external developers who are not employed by Bohemia Interactive - also referred to as third-party developers.

Bohemia provides continuous feedback to the developers, assists with the Quality Assurance (testing) process, and offers legal, mastering, publishing, and promotional support.

While we realize that opinions on this will vary, we don't consider Arma 3 Creator DLC to be paid mods. We believe that these DLC packs would not have otherwise existed or be possible as mods of similar quality and scope. It's also important to note that Creator DLC will never replace something that what was available for free.

Creator DLC can include anything from terrains, vehicles, weapons, and gear, to playable content such as new scenarios or an entire campaign.

We've decided not to announce specific Creator DLC packs until they are ready to release. This is mainly because we want to be certain that what is announced is also what will be in the final package - or that it will even be possible to release the DLC at all.

The pricing of Creator DLC depends on the amount of content and/or level of detail. Please visit the store page of a DLC to see its exact price. For the future we're considering to define a set of fixed pricing tiers for Creator DLC that would help players get a clearer understanding of what to expect.

You can purchase Arma 3 Creator DLC on Steam or in the Bohemia Store - just like you would buy any regular Arma 3 DLC.

Localization will likely differ per Creator DLC. Please visit the store page of a Creator DLC pack to learn what languages are supported.

Regular Arma 3 DLC makes use of our Content Licensing system. This requires every Arma 3 player to have all DLC data installed, even if they do not own the DLC. The main benefit is that players who do not own certain content can still play together with those who do own the additional content. For Creator DLC we have decided to make it optional to have the DLC data installed. This is mainly to avoid that a regular Arma 3 installation would require a lot more additional hard-drive storage. The second reason is that a Creator DLC's theme or setting might be very different from regular Arma 3, and not everyone might want that to be visible in their game. To help mitigate this last point, we will also be updating the Arma 3 Launcher to make it possible to have Creator DLC installed on your PC, but also have the option to launch the game without particular Creator DLC packs loaded.

You need to own Creator DLC and have it installed to be able to join a multiplayer server that makes use of it. If you try to join a server without having the requested Creator DLC installed, you will receive a notification that you are missing content that is needed to play on the server. For more information please also see the previous question regarding the optional installation of Creator DLC.

No, the free stand-alone Arma 3 Server tool app with a shrunk dataset will be available to server admins whether they own a particular Creator DLC or not (this may involve using Steam branches for that app).

Unlike official Arma 3 DLC, Arma 3 Creator DLC will not be made available for free to owners of the Arma 3 Supporter's Edition (note: this edition is also no longer on sale). On behalf of ourselves as well as our external Creator DLC developers, we thank you for your understanding and wonderful support!

It is possible for Creator DLC to receive post-release updates. However, please keep in mind that Creator DLC updates and potential hotfixes can take some more time to be released. This is because updates require thorough testing, and due to the general nature of external collaborations.

You can still report game issues related to Creator DLC via our Feedback Tracker. We will then share your reports with the appropriate developers.

Third-party developers

There are no set rules for who can sign up to become a Creator DLC developer, but we typically select those who have put together a strong pitch and prototype, and are able to demonstrate that they have the necessary expertise to successfully execute their idea within a reasonable amount of time. So far, most Creator DLC developers are people with professional experience in software development as well as a long-standing record of participating in the Arma modding community.

After you contact us at, we will send you the application form and an overview of the development pipeline.

Due to the technological limitations of not being able to apply our Content Licensing system to multiplayer content (like scenarios), there is unfortunately no way for us to check if the user owns such content or not.

We cannot release any project with dependencies on mods or regular Arma 3 DLC.

No, unfortunately we do not have the resources to offer any development support.

Unfortunately, we are not able to provide you with any licenses for third-party tools.

The net revenue generated by Creator DLC is split 50/50 between the developer and Bohemia Interactive. Please note that this is after a portion of the revenue generated from purchases goes to Valve as operator of Steam.

No, it's completely up to the third-party developer to pitch their idea for Creator DLC to us. We do aim to have a varied mix of content, which means it's unlikely for us to publish several Creator DLC packs with the same theme.

You can best contact us at and then we will inform you of what is required to include in your pitch.

We'd be glad to answer any question you might have! Please send us an e-mail at to get in touch.