Welcome to the Community Radar, or as we also call it: #COMRAD. Here we're covering some of the greatest community content that was shared over the past month. We've got a lot to cover coming into this new year! So without further ado, let's jump straight into it!


To begin, we start with this stunning image by Krytera. Livonian Defense Force wade through the swamps of the newly released map of Tria (created by Jones.S and Soapy).

Militia forces prepare to spring an ambush in a confined alley, reminding us of the importance of checking your corners in this tense screenshot by Vikingaus.

You can run - you can hide - but there is always one more. AbueloCeboleta shares with us a photo of a soldier hiding from enemy forces and looking to prepare his last stand. 

Take a look at this beautiful shot of Livonia by Ai Astin. It makes you appreciate the incredible landscape chosen to be the location of First Contact.


To ring in the New Year, the widely popular ACE3 team started strong by sharing with the community ACE3 v3.13.0 and ACEX v3.5.0. These updates include an incredibly large amount of changes. Especially noteworthy is the new ACE medical rewrite. Make sure your medics are up to date on their latest medical readings.

RHS has made a significant update recently regarding the new release of RHSPKL. A new terrain created by bludski and other members of the RHS team. The terrain is 8x8km and is based on the region of Southeast Asia. Great for jungle warfare and various infantry based combat.

Also on the topic of Arma 3 terrains, the CUP team has announced their unveiling of Chernarus 2020. Similar to its original port, this 2020 version replaces buildings with Livonia building assets where possible (from the Arma 3 Contact platform update), different clutter, and object placement fixes.

Arma 3 certainly is a true sandbox! Developers of the Nassau 1715 mod have pushed us to new horizons with their latest teaser video of a fully functioning Frigate update. Get your crew's sea legs ready and set sail!

If you're a sucker for great looking AK weapons, check out SweetJason's Russian Alpha AK mod. Try out the AK105 and AK74M in black, forest, desert, or winter camouflage patterns.


The world was truly saddened by the news of the devastating bushfires roaring through Australia that began early this year. However, we were pleased to see that many Arma veterans and communities took action by collecting funds for disaster relief efforts. Groups like Taskforce AusCorp were able to raise an astounding $10,000 AUD and were even able to bring in the attention of local news networks to help with the cause. Even Arma content creators did what they could to help. Whiplash, modder and Arma artwork creator, raised over €390 from doing live streams and creating an Australian Red Cross Van, with those who contributed forever honored with their name on the back. These are only a couple of examples, but for those in this community who have given their time and resources for charity in this way, we want to say keep up the amazing work!

Helisimmer published an article this month containing an interview with Project Hatchet, the team behind the Arma 3 H-60 pack. Definitely worth a read to learn more about the project and its origin.

Earlier this month Arma 3 held a Free Week of play. Giving new and veteran players of the series a chance to try out Arma 3 and the Apex expansion. Fortunately, there were many resources to help ease new players into the game, like FKGaming's "Beginners Guide: Map Reading and other Tools." If you find yourself struggling to find your way across Altis (or any other map) give this a read!

Speaking of finding your way... Did you know that Arma 3 has an accurate star map? Community modder POLPOX has demonstrated this with a new mod called Stargazer. Gaze upon the stars and learn a little astronomy while you're at it.


The new year has kicked off strong with brand new cinematics and videos. Watch this original "Armachinima" video created by Pek. Such a fantastic cinematic short!

2019 has come and gone, but we've pulled together a handful of the year-in-review videos out there highlighting amazing moments from Arma 3. We know there will be many more experiences had in 2020 and we're excited to see videos just like these at the end of this year:

3 Commando Brigade - "2019 In Review"

Carpe Noctem Tactical Operations -"2019 Year in Review"

Flying Monkeys In Space - "Year In Review 2019"

MrH - "ShackTac 2019 Year in Review"


Do you want some casual viewing of milsim operations, be sure to join Jeman93 as he plays alongside the 506th Infantry Regiment realism unit. You on catch them playing over on Twitch!

Cancel your plans this Friday and come watch SnHxFirefighter on Twitch participate in Friday Night Fights, a massive team vs. team experience, and other great Arma 3 missions.


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