Welcome to the Community Radar, or as we also call it: #COMRAD. We're here to showcase another batch of incredible community content that was shared recently. Check it out!


We've seen a fair amount of Arma 3 artwork created and made with the use of in-game artwork. Like this wonderful setup, created by Fascrot, using the recognizable portrait of Lars Blanken, founder of fictional NGO IDAP. You can learn a lot about Lars in our Laws of War DLC, but this is a splendid little arrangement in this photo.

While pictured using indirect fire, this screenshot really hits the mark on the incredible action of soldiers firing off mortars. Shared to us by AbueloCeboleta, we hope he continues to deliver spot-on work like this with their honed-in skills.

Sun or stars, you still have to watch your sector. A wonderful shot of units contrasted by the evening sun. Thanks to JonoTheCutest for another fantastic creation!

Made by Grk, catch this smoking awesome screenshot of troops dealing with enemy armor in the streets of Zargabad. You can feel the relief from this well-aimed shot. We're sure many of us can relate to that close-call situation before.

This soaring screenshot by Scarecrow1625 depicts a pair of F-4 Phantoms flying in formation over the beautiful Cam Lao Nam terrain of Arma 3 Creator DLC: S.O.G. Prairie Fire. Hopefully, these two aircraft are on route to provide close air support to a compromised MACV-SOG team "across the fence!"

With the landing craft ramps down and a hail of incoming fire, this harrowing image by Armography depicts members of the 2nd Ranger Battalion landing at Omaha Beach during the morning of June 6th, 1944. The contribution of the 2nd and 5th Ranger Battalions, especially at Point du Hoc, helped secure a beachhead for the Allied invasion of Nazi-occupied France. A truly remarkable recreation!

With purple signal smoke popped, this photo by G4nDalf has US Special Forces members awaiting pickup by an MH-60 Blackhawk in an undisclosed location! The sun is setting, marking the end of another successful operation.

Created by community Veteran thebuckfastwine, this artwork shows 1980s CLSA Forces disembarking from a number of vehicles, having just captured a compound in Gabreta from American Forces. This is a great showcase of the assets and terrain featured in Arma 3 Creator DLC: CSLA Iron Curtain!


The long-standing ACRE2 mod, used for radio communications in our community for years, has a new home and collaboration. The mod team is joining forces with the ACE3 mod team. You can now get development updates and other information for ACRE2 in the ACE3 Slack channels. Head over to ACE3 Slack and join the #acre2 channel! We look forward to seeing what this cooperation brings in the future.

On the 10th of May, Red Hammer Studios published version 0.5.6 of RHS: Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, RHS: United States Armed Forces, RHS: Green Forces, and RHS: Serbian Armed Forces to the Steam Workshop! This update is chock full of improvements and fixes. Make sure to check out these updates to one of Arma 3's most popular set of modifications!

Complimenting this new RHS release is 3 Commando Brigade's version 5.0 update of their 3CB Factions modification! This update includes a number of new weapons, pieces of gear, vehicles, and of course new factions! Be sure to check it out on Steam Workshop - CBA_A3, RHS: AFRF, RHS: USAF, and RHS: GREF are required dependencies!

The Unsung Mod Team has released version 3.11 Golf of The Unsung: Vietnam War Mod on Steam Workshop. This latest release features the work of {E-Z}Johnny.D, who has replaced a majority of the American Forces uniforms with donated assets from the Service & Supply modification. Also, The Unsung Mod Team has released a stable build of Unsung: Redux, a reworked version of Unsung specifically created to complement and run alongside S.O.G. Prairie Fire, expanding the scope of operations of groups interested in spending even more time in the jungles of Cam Lao Nam! Make sure to check out both releases, as well as the S&S mod!

On the 22nd of June, just in time for the 20th anniversary of Arma: Cold War Assault, the Cold War Rearmed Modification Team released the 1.0 update of Cold War Rearmed III. Also released alongside this update was a recreation of the Cold War Crisis campaign, as well as a number of new faction expansions and updates to already released ones. Make sure to check out all of these updates and new releases on W0lle's Steam Workshop Page. Thank you to W0lle and the team for their years of dedication to the Arma series!


Scott Alsworth, Project Lead of the Art of War Charity DLC, recently bestowed upon the community the entire collection of Artwork Textures, present in the DLC, for scenario creators to utilize. You can find these all located on the Bohemia community wiki. The textures found in this wiki release are artworks that can be found as part of the in-game gallery showcase for your personal viewing. If you don't already own this DLC, 100% of Bohemia Interactive's proceeds after tax will be donated to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) until later this year. Grab a copy on Steam to see the art and help do good in the world while you're at it!

Arma's first Creator DLC: Global Mobilization - Cold War Germany celebrated their second anniversary this April! The time has certainly flown by and we've seen several big updates since its release back in 2019, including the latest 1.3 Update adding new weapons, vehicles, units, and more to the already large set of content! We look forward to seeing what else you will bring in the future.

One of a number of posts in our #TacTalk series, we hope this tweet and its responses have helped you consider how you would respond to a similar tactical dilemma if you were in the squad leader's shoes!

Are you ready to prove yourself as a Kart Racing Master? Then check out the new Altis GP Time Trial scenario created by Vericht, available now on Steam Workshop!

esportsmasters.org recently showed off the beautiful hardware won by German team Wolf Corps in the European CTF Masters Cup May 2021. Congratulations to Wolf Corps and all the teams who participated in this PvP tournament!

Make sure to also take a look at this infographic produced to highlight key milestones reached during the past 20 years of Arma!


If you have friends who still ask you what Arma 3 is, you now have an option to send them this great cinematic short created by Captain Parker. Give them an action-packed video to really sell your friends to join in on the fun.

Join Karmakut as he conducts in operation in the game mode Liberation. This video is an hour of action and intensity as players coordinate assets against a large armor enemy force. You don't want to miss this!

Dslyexci has released a 40-minute long video retrospective on 2020 and ShackTac's 15 years of "Serious Fun." Make sure to check out this video detailing one of the longest-standing and most successful groups in the Arma community!

Arma community member and YouTuber Viper1Zero has begun a new video series detailing the lore of Armaverse terrains. Check out the first episode featuring Stratis, and keep an eye out for future installments!


On the 22nd of June, Bohemia Interactive hosted the Arma 20th Anniversary Live Stream! In a celebration of the series, the stream featured discussions with Bohemia Interactive CEO Marek Španěl and Creative Director Ivan Buchta, as well as appearances from a number of Bohemia Interactive staff members and well-known Arma community personalities. Also featured was the gameplay of some of the most memorable missions from across the Arma series by Marek, Ivan, and Nillers. As a show of our appreciation for the community these past 20 years, Arma: Cold War Assault was made free for 48 hours on GOG and Steam directly after the stream. Over one million copies were claimed! We hope you enjoy the nostalgia trip and will always remember Montignac! If you missed the stream, you can check it out below!


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