We've almost reached our destination on the #RoadToApex , but not before making an important pit stop: Update 1.60. One of the highlights of this major free Arma 3 platform update is the much-anticipated Visual Upgrade, which involves an overhaul of the game's lighting configuration, plus new water shader and reflections tech. But there's more! Let's take a quick look at 10 of our favorite things.

1. Visual Upgrade

Development of the upcoming Tanoa terrain has allowed us to re-visit lighting, water and other environmental technologies. The improvements have resulted in a significant face-lift for the whole game, including the Stratis and Altis terrains. Steer your gaze towards an even more immersive, authentic and photo-realistic look of Arma 3.

2. Limping

A full new set of limping animations will communicate character leg injuries in a much clearer way.

3. Respawn

Arma 3 is the type of game where you'll likely get killed ... a lot. Some modes let you respawn to continue the fight, and now we've improved the User eXperience of the Respawn Screen significantly. Find the information you need quicker in a single screen and pick your role and load-out before you head back to the front lines.

4. Difficulty Overhaul

Maybe you didn't always quite understand what impact a certain difficulty option would have. The third phase of our work on the difficulty settings has brought clear text descriptions and overview images to the mix, as well as several smaller tweaks.

5. Targeting Improvements

A broad collection of changes to our targeting systems should let you coordinate in combat better. Commanders are aided by visualization aids, various weapon systems have new indicators (CCIP, TLI, etc.) and fixed-wing aircraft pilots can utilize a virtual targeting pod.

6. Suppression Tweaks

You don't always need to engage your enemy with direct fire. Laying down a base of fire on an enemy position can effectively diminish their combat effectiveness, AI and human players alike. Commanders can now let subordinates suppress targets with powerful volleys.

7. Eden Editor Enhancements

The 3D scenario editor was enriched with highly desired functionality: custom compositions, bindable camera controls, 'Comment' entities, drag & scale area entities, a foliage toggle, environment preview, asset previews, and more.

8. Quick Play

Besides manual browsing for multiplayer servers, you can now also jump in via automatic matchmaking in the Quick Play screen. Simply pick a game mode and get joined to a mod-compatible session.

9. Line Drawing

Communication is key on the battlefield. You were already able to drop symbol markers with text on important locations, but now you can draw custom shapes with lines. The map also has convenient new options to select marker colors and types.

10. Score / Stats Screen

But how do you determine whether a mission has been a failure or a success? The new improved multiplayer Score / Stats Screen presents better, more, and easier-to-navigate information on your personal and your team's performance in battle. It can also be re-configured by mod teams to how they see fit.


The 3 episodes of our "The East Wind" campaign have been unified into one. This does mean your pre-1.60 saves no longer work. If you don't want to re-start, consider using the 1.58 Legacy Build Steam branch by entering access code: Arma3Legacy158

With the release of Update 1.60, Arma 3 is now almost ready to hit its Apex. There are still plenty of new features and improvements inbound, and together with your help and feedback, we're confident that Arma 3 Apex will in fact represent the pinnacle of our splendid journey (so far). Enjoy the last steps on the #RoadToApex, keep track of our channels for all the latest Intel, and see you on Tanoa!