Welcome to the Community Radar, or as we also call it: #COMRAD. Here we're covering some of the splendid community content that was shared over the past month. So without further ado, let's jump straight into it!


Community screenshot maker Whiplash is trying out new ideas with his diorama style artworks. Similar to the Gendarmerie scene created by Greenfist almost exactly one year ago. Definitely a cool concept and we'd love to see more ideas like this in the future!

Things are heating up in this action-packed image created by 4exan! It's an excellent display of NATO combined arms.

As the winter season falls upon us, Farsight gives us this snowy, scenic image of the Chernarus (Winter) countryside, created by the CUP Team.


If you're looking for more eyes in the sky or firepower on the ground, the 3 Commando Brigade has recently announced version 10.0 of their 3CB BAF vehicles pack. This latest update is planned to include the Husky TSV, MQ-9a Reaper Drone and FV510 Warrior.

Flags have been raised recently with Warnerm14's new Flag Interact mod! Players have the ability to raise or lower flags with this simple addition, either to full mast, half mast, or taken down.

Update v1.8.3 of the CSAT Modification Project has been released! Adding all-new textures, changes, and fixes to vehicles and equipment. For the full changelog be sure to head over to their Workshop page!

For terrain lovers, enjoy this teaser video of fictionalized municipality Virolahti - Valtatie 7 created by Furean. This map features lots of detailed forests, farmlands, and plenty of villages across its massive 18km x 18km landscape.


On November 30, Oper8 Heaven, Team Brrrt, FKGaming, OperatorDrewski, and many more members of the community held a friendly Running Man 2035 charity event and successfully raised over £1,000 for Doctors Without Borders. We're always proud when our community can come together for a great cause. Good work, troops!

We'd like to wish a warm bienvenue to Task Force Hades, a new French milsim unit, to the community. They offer team-oriented realism and are looking for new members. Just take a look at their unit trailer and see if you're interested!

This mighty collection of t-shirts by 2BIOS definitely caught our attention! Designs have come and gone over the years, and we would love to know, "Who has the most Arma 3 merchandise out there?"


Ceb.Cin has done it again with a brilliantly produced Arma 3 cinematic titled "Letters from Vietnam." Follow this short story through the writings of a soldier's letter to his wife back home.

People are definitely in the holiday spirit this time of year and the Arma community is no exception. Community mission maker RickOShay shows off his holiday cheer with a popping performance of Jingle Bells in this special video!


If you've ever enjoyed the competitive thrill of Arma 3, then head over to Vonstickers' streams on Twitch. Join in for a few rounds of classic battle royale action, weekly. For a more relaxed viewing, you can also catch his tense moments in frequent Arma 3 Escape mission attempts!


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