It's time to return to the mid-Atlantic island of Everon — a 52km² microstate, which many of you will remember from Arma: Cold War Assault. This iconic terrain has been reimagined and faithfully restored, undoubtedly becoming our most photorealistic and beautiful environment to date. Thanks to new possibilities, made available through our next-gen Enfusion engine, we have recreated the jewel of the Malden Islands for a 1989 setting. So gear-up, set out, and explore! Take in the many sights and vistas. The glittering ocean bays, lakes, and rivers. The forests, hills and pastures, animated by the shadows of rolling clouds. There is so much to discover!

But what's an Arma game without conflict? Arma Reforger's Conflict game mode returns players to war. Join US or Soviet forces in a dynamic, multiplayer, team versus team scenario. Build support structures and defenses, oversee logistics, and capture key objectives by working together. To survive and overcome the enemy, you'll also have to rely on your wits and fieldcraft. Make no mistake, your map and compass will be every bit as important as the rifle in your hands.

In addition to this, Arma Reforger's playable content is supported with a real-time mission editor; Game Master. In this titular role, players can curate events, set tasks, and dynamically respond to other players on the battlefield, setting down challenges, compositions, and more. No combat encounter will be the same and if you're one of those in the midst of the action, you'll have to think fast to stay alive.

Last but not least, for our talented modding community, there's a lot of new tools available. In fact, we're sharing the very same technology used to make Arma Reforger — giving you an enormous amount of creative freedom. All these programs are collected on one site known as Workbench. Although only accessible to PC users, addons can be published on Arma Reforger's exclusive mod repository, the Workshop, for everyone, including console players, to enjoy!

And remember, all of this is just the beginning of the evolution of the Arma franchise. That being said, Arma 3 is and still will be supported – from events featuring community content to community live streams and more. It's going to be an exciting journey, and we're glad to have you with us!

For more information on Arma Reforger, or if you have any questions, please visit our FAQ page. If you want to download Workbench, check our DEV HUB.

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