Third-party Arma 3 developer Vertexmacht and publisher Bohemia Interactive have released today yet another major free content update for Arma 3 Creator DLC: Global Mobilization - Cold War Germany. Update version 1.3 adds a wide variety of free new assets in the form of ground vehicles, weapons, clothing, gear, and more. It also introduces numerous improvements to the already existing content in the Global Mobilization Creator DLC.

New content overview

  • Three new vehicles: SPz1 Infantry Fighting Vehicle and Pkw gel. 469 off-road vehicle (three variants each), and a new Fire Fighting Truck variant
  • Two new static weapons: DShKM tripod heavy machine gun and SPG-9 recoilless gun
  • Five new weapons: G36 Assault Rifle, PzF3 Anti Tank, M72A3 Anti Tank, GraPi and Pallad Grenade Launchers
  • New 90's West German infantry (various uniforms, vests, helmets, and backpacks)
  • Two new civilian clothing options (5 variants in total)
  • Two new radio backpacks

The full changelog for version 1.3 is available on the Bohemia forums. The update will download and install automatically on Steam for all owners of the Global Mobilization DLC. For more information on the new assets, be sure to read through Vertexmacht's recent OPREP post on the Arma 3 development blog.

To purchase the Arma 3 Creator DLC: Global Mobilization - Cold War Germany, please visit the Steam Store.

Creator DLC is a label for original new Arma 3 projects made by third-party developers and published by Bohemia Interactive. It enables external talent to earn a financial reward for their work, while players get to enjoy more new quality content. Global Mobilization - Cold War Germany is the first Creator DLC project to have been published so far, and additional Creator DLC projects are expected to be released later this year. Find out more about this initiative at