Welcome to the Community Radar, or as we also call it: #COMRAD. We're here to showcase another batch of incredible community content that was shared recently. Check it out!


Members of a MACV-SOG recon team make their way through the jungles of Cambodia - ever alert for Charlie's presence or PAVN patrols - in this image by Mike Bravo.

Mechanized elements of the German Bundeswehr conduct joint NATO exercises somewhere in Europe in this screenshot released by FAWR Milsim. You can see quite a variety of vehicles in the background moving towards a new objective while the sun sets for the day.

A pair of combat divers pass by the submerged wreck of a V-44X Blackfish in this underwater screenshot by Average Malaysian.

US Navy and Imperial Japanese Navy warships exchange multiple shots in a harrowing sea battle in this artwork by Random_Legionary. Titled "Battle of Imuri Island, '44," the image is one in a series by Random Legionary depicting a major sea and land battle over Tanoa during the Pacific War.


Third-party developer CSLA Studio, which developed Arma 3 Creator DLC: CSLA Iron Curtain, recently updated their Operations Pack. This Steam Workshop upload is a free mod that supplements the content of the CDLC, adding 48 scenarios, two singleplayer campaigns, the Polanek terrain, and more. You can get the Operations Pack here - but remember, it requires ownership of the CSLA CDLC!

JSDF Overhauled has recently been updated! This mod was created as a way to unite the gac JSDF and JSDF mod to create a playable faction with balance and quality of life improvements, as well as adding additional content. This new update adds a number of new weapons systems, bug fixes, and more. You can read the changelog here and get JSDF Overhauled on the Steam Workshop here.

The popular community game mode Antistasi has received another update! Update 3.5.0 brings four new maps (including Weferlingen from Arma 3 Creator DLC: Global Mobilization), six new templates, and much more!


The 4thID Milsim Gaming Unit released a few images of Operation Deliberate Strike, which was conducted on February 4. This operation saw Alpha Company air assault numerous objectives, where they eliminated enemy units and collected intelligence that will benefit any future operations in the region.

NAK Squad continues to host weekly public Zeus events every Saturday. Visit their website for more information about how you can join in. The server info is both on the website and shared on their X account.

On February 9, R3F organized a play session on their public server for the greater Arma 3 community. This session focused on combined arms gameplay, where infantry was supported by armored elements while they assaulted a factory held by the enemy. Keep an eye on R3F's X account and their website for any future event announcements!


YouTuber paecmaker had intended for his video "Arma 3 Cinematic: This is War 2024" to originally release around Arma 3's 10th Anniversary - but better late than never! Check out this machinima depicting a heavy engagement between CSAT and NATO forces in Altis!

It might only be February, but community legend Viper1Zero has already released a video detailing his top 10 mods for Arma 3 in 2024 (so far). Could this possibly be a new video series for Viper1Zero this year? You can also see another recent video of his, detailing his top 20 Arma 3 mods of all time here. You might come across a new favorite mod that you hadn't heard of or tried before!


XenithZero is an Arma content creator who has contributed to Chernarus Redux, and is a tester for Project RACS. Known for their screenshots and artwork, XenithZero is also active on both Twitch and YouTube as a streamer. Arma 3 features heavily in the rotation of games each week on both platforms. You can watch XenithZero and Detachment 9 Ops play by following on your platform of choice and keep up to date on streaming schedules on social media!


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