Welcome to the Community Radar, or as we also call it: #COMRAD. We're here to showcase another batch of incredible community content that was shared recently. Check it out!


First up, we have some artwork from Matthias Fleischer that reminds us how Arma's sandbox capabilities can often transcend the game's war simulation themes. In this scene, you can almost sense the electric tension as paramedics prepare a critically injured driver to be airlifted to the hospital.

We now look into the past with an excellent screenshot by ARMAOGRAPHY featuring the M10 Tank Destroyer from the recently released Arma 3 Creator DLC: Spearhead 1944! Featuring a 3-inch (76.2 mm) M7 gun and a .50 caliber machine gun, the M10 is a formidable opponent for German light armor in the CDLC.

Two US Army AH-64 helicopters provide close air support for British forces on the ground during an exercise in western Europe in this screenshot by Global Conflicts.

Finally, returning to the Second World War theme, we have this image by Finn showing a pair of Panzer IVs receiving maintenance somewhere among the bocage of Normandy, summer, 1944.


RKSL Studios has released some teaser images for their WIP Tornado GR4 aircraft mod. You can see it here in-game for testing, flying over the Mach Loop. RKSL is still working on this eagerly awaited mod and others, and you can follow developments on X (formerly Twitter) here.

Jones.S has announced their upcoming Omaha Beach terrain, which will be compatible with Spearhead 1944 or its free Steam Workshop Compatibility Data for Non-Owners upload. We are definitely excited to see this iteration of an iconic Arma community terrain, and hope you are as well! We will see you on the beach!

The Arma 3 Aegis Team recently revealed a set of new weapons coming to the Arma 3 Aegis Mod on Steam Workshop. The M4A1, coming in Standard, SBR, and GL variants; The Mk11 DMR, and its specialty variant, the M110 MR; and the IVAS! You should be able to get your hands on all of them and more soon in future updates!

The Republic of Altis and Stratis was an overseas colony of the British Commonweath during the Second World War, and thus fought alongside her in North Africa and the Mediterranean. Torchbearers - Altis in the Second World War by JoeyBear brings them into the game as playable factions. You can download the mod on the Steam Workshop here.


This year, the 3rd Infantry Division Realism Unit celebrated their 20th anniversary! Although the unit has played many different games over that time period, including Day of Defeat, America's Army, Battlefield, and Insurgency, the Arma franchise has played a significant role in their history. With the 3rd ID currently playing Arma 3 exclusively, we hope to see the unit highly active in Arma Reforger and in Arma 4 - when the time comes!

On August 19th, the Eurasian Defence Alliance will be hosting one of the largest and most international joint events in Arma's history. Joint Operation Ironclad will see over 200 players from 14 communities participating. We look forward to seeing the content that will come from this operation!


Scalespeeder Gaming has uploaded an excellent tutorial to YouTube detailing the rearming and refuelling systems of Arma 3 Creator DLC: Spearhead 1944. Any aspiring tank commander and their crew would be best served to watch this video before joining the fight in northern France! Check out Scalespeeder Gaming's YouTube channel for more Spearhead and Arma 3 tutorial videos!

Get ready for some harrowing night time combat in the mountains of Takistan with this exciting video from JamesH97 Gaming showing off one of Void Gaming's weekly Arma 3 sessions.


Arma Community Manager Nillers was back for yet another Arma 3 10th Anniversary Live Stream! Joined by special guest Karel Mořický, focused on the history, functionality, and development of the Eden Editor and Zeus Game Master. If you missed the live stream, you can view the video on demand here on the Arma Platform Twitch channel and learn all about two of the most game-changing and now indispensable elements of Arma 3.


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