Welcome to the Community Radar, or as we like to call it: #COMRAD. We're here to showcase another batch of incredible community content shared recently. Check it out!


In this screenshot, experience what it might have been like to be part of the Livonian Defence Forces (LDF) as they were confronted by an extraterrestrial presence in the Arma 3 Contact science-fiction campaign. We see the LDF militarily engaging in this future setting, but how would you react? Would you join the defense or seek answers? Thanks to Heisenbruh for sharing this and letting us see what it would be like to face an event that would forever change the face of human history.

This remarkable artwork by MoskoniDesign, depicts an intense engagement between U.S. Army forces and advancing South Vietnamese infantry using Arma 3 Creator DLC: S.O.G. Prairie Fire content. The level of detail and realistic composition truly brings the scene to life, capturing the essence of the conflict and paying homage to the bravery of those involved. This image is just one of many fantastic works in the ongoing Savage Game Design Artwork Competition. Be sure to submit your own artwork by July 4 to enter!

Let's step off into this depiction of a company-level assault set in 1991, shared with us by ChrisDoesStuff. Utilizing the mods from S&S: New Wave, this image sets a remarkable scene between infantry and armor forces pushing into an engagement. There are lots of great details that capture the essence of military action.

This might be a recognizable scene for those who have played Arma 3's "The East Wind" campaign. We admire the imaginative depiction of the event unfolding, but we won't reveal any spoilers! Thanks to lemonium for sharing this very stunning and well-composed image.


Let's raise a toast to Red Hammer Studios as they mark their impressive 20th anniversary! In celebration, they've released an exhilarating trailer for Status Quo Phase I, showcasing exciting content for Arma Reforger and teasing us with a glimpse of what lies ahead on the road to Arma 4. It's a testament to RHS's dedication and contribution to the Arma community, especially with their mods, leaving us eagerly anticipating what they've got in store for the future.

Vestarr's work-in-progress F-16 mod is truly impressive, as showcased in their recent progress update. Their attention to this highly detailed aircraft shines with every new update, and we can't wait to experience this remarkable addition to the game.


Get ready for an electrifying tank versus tank showdown in the upcoming Rolling Thunder #39 event, set to take place on July 16. This thrilling affair will feature large-scale tank battles in the scorching desert environment of Anizay. Expect adrenaline-pumping combat and strategic maneuvers as armored behemoths clash in an epic display of firepower and skill. All players are welcome to join, and more information can be found on their website!

Thank you to IceBreakr for a nostalgic throwback with this photo showcasing Arma titles, spanning back an impressive 22-year franchise history. We always enjoy seeing images that bring back countless memories and allow us to revisit the multitude of thrilling experiences Arma has provided over the years. It's a powerful testament to the series' enduring impact on gaming, and it wouldn't be possible without our Community's support.


Prepare for an action-packed adventure as DarkLiberator battles through the treacherous city of Fallujah in a captivating gameplay video. Watch players courageously navigate the city terrain, braving intense battles to rescue stranded pilots and execute daring extraction missions. It's a thrilling showcase of teamwork, strategy, and the immersive capabilities of Arma 3.


Don't miss the chance to witness the thrilling five-hour VOD, filled with intense missions and impressive gameplay, as Community Manager LeClair participates in an exhilarating Developer Play Session Live Stream. This MIKE Force session was one of many events that were part of the Frozen Dagger Expedition Fundraiser, hosted by Savage Game Design. Epic battle re-creations such as the Defense of Khe Sanh by Liru the Lance Corporal, and Operation Atlanta by DigbyTW were also part of the fundraiser weekend.


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