Welcome to the Community Radar, or as we also call it: #COMRAD. We're here to showcase another batch of incredible community content that was shared recently. Check it out!


First off, we have this striking artwork by MaMento depicting an AC-130U providing fire support for Special Operations Forces. If you want to try out the AC-130U in Arma 3, check out USAF Mod Team's Beta release on the Steam Workshop!

British infantry conduct jungle warfare exercises while an instructor looks on in this screenshot by WilsonTheIrish.

A contingent of US troops disembark from UH-1 helicopters while AH-1s provide cover in this beautiful Vietnam War image by Snipercero.

Finally, Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star (ChDKZ) militants attempt to down a Chernarussian Defence Force (CDF) SU-25 with MANPAD anti-aircraft systems in this excellent screenshot by Floppy.


On December 5th, AugCph released their Lions of Babylon mod. The mod features three fictional factions: MEA - The Middle Eastern Alliance; BPS - Babylon Police Service; and the insurgent MFB - Mesopotamian Freedom Brigade. You can download it on the Steam Workshop here. The mod has the following dependencies: Arma 3 Creator CDLC: Global Mobilization, S & S, and S & S: New Wave.

GreekEditor recently updated their Christmas Pack to version 2.7. This mod now has nine compositions for building snow castles for you to use in your holiday-themed events this December. Christmas Pack was one of many mods featured in Operation NUTCRACKER: A Splendid™ Squad Holiday Special.

Antistasi Official is proud to announce the release of version 3.0.0 of Antistasi! This next logical step for this community favorite compiles all the official Antistasi scenarios into a single mod, with a number of new features and changes. You can get Antistasi today on the Steam Workshop.


On December 9th, Spanish Arma 3 Community Squad ALPHA celebrated 10 years of operations! Congratulations on hitting this milestone, and thank you for playing the Arma series! Here is to another 10 years!

3PARA - C Company Milsim Unit recently conducted pre-deployment exercises this month. The final scenario revolved around capturing and holding a village from opposing forces. They will begin their new campaign in the new year!

French Arma 3 community 1er R.C.C.hosted their traditional Christmas-themed joint operation with the Polish community IBC and Czech community UNCP-FE this December. You can check out two different perspectives of the event on YouTube. Join Gabriel as he plays the scenario here or TheKillian here!


This month, community content creator DarkLiberator has graced us with another "Professional Idiots" video, this one being a milestone 30th episode!

On December 18th, Savage Game Design hosted a Holiday themed session of Arma 3 Creator DLC: S.O.G. Prairie Fire's Steam Workshop scenario MIKE Force with a number of content creators and streamers. Please enjoy Chewie's POV video of the event, entitled Jungle Bells: A MIKE Force Christmas Special!


We also had a bit of our own Holiday Special at Bohemia Interactive. The Splendid™ Squad, an elite unit of Arma 3 content creators and Community Veterans, was deployed on its first mission since our 8th Anniversary celebrations. Santa had gone missing, which triggered a long-standing contingency plan to deploy a rescue unit to the North Pole. The Splendid™ Squad was the only unit available to go on such short notice. Equipped with a stockpile of enchanted weapons and gear provided by Santa for such an emergency, the Splendid™ Squad was successful in saving the holidays!

Be sure to watch the full recorded Operation on YouTube and a special thanks to our Game Master Liru for helping design this unique scenario. We're sure the Splendid™ Squad will be called upon again...


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