Welcome to the Community Radar, or as we also call it: #COMRAD. We're here to showcase another batch of incredible community content that was shared recently. Check it out!


During the final days of the European Theater, a Soviet tank crew holds at a staging area amid the ruined outskirts of Berlin in this screenshot created by Ema. Check out both the Iron Front: Arma 3 All-in-One and Faces of War total conversion mods for some Second World War action!

An AH-64 Apache gunship fires off some counter-measure flares over Chernarus in this excellent image by Grave. Titled "Eagle Wing," this work is a homage to the alternate events occurring in Arma 2's mini-campaign of the same name.

Gekon shows some love for the Livonian Defence Force from the Sci-fi expansion pack Arma 3: Contact with these photorealistic screenshots. The careful use of lighting in these images is phenomenal!

Warsaw Pact mechanized units move westward along a Weferlingen highway and past a wrecked NATO APC in this Arma 3 Creator DLC: Global Mobilization screenshot by The Strike Wyvern.


Red Hammer Studios kicked the year off by teasing some upcoming MTVRs for RHS: United States Armed Forces. Keep a lookout for more information on this new vehicle and other upcoming content on their Twitter page!

The mod team at R3F never stops working on new content, as these screenshots of a WIP FN Minimi go to show! R3F's released mods can be found here on the Arma 3 Steam Workshop.

CSLA Studio has released an update to their free scenario pack available on Steam Workshop. This update includes three new scenarios! To play them, you will need to own their Arma 3 Creator DLC: CSLA Iron Curtain.

ToH Characters, a mod that adds more faces to Arma 3 from Take on Helicopters and Arma 2, has updated to version 1.400. This update brings with it 2k resolution textures for higher fidelity. Check the update out today on Steam Workshop!


The 4th Infantry Brigade Milsim Unit ended their 2021 with Operation Wolfhound, and shared their traditional unit-wide end of campaign photo with the community. Well done to those who played, and here is to many more operations in 2022!

On January 23rd, Arma Tactical Combat hosted the final TvT battle of their 10th campaign. Congratulations to all the units involved on another successful series of battles! To view highlights of the entire campaign from BDR Clan's perspective, check out this video!

Throughout January, the 6th (Guards) Platoon Milsim Unit carried out simulated operations in Mali. Here we have an image of close air support being called in to cover the platoon's actions on the ground. Good luck with the remainder of the campaign!

Here we have a screenshot of 1er R.A. Milsim members after having arduously fought street to street, building to building as Marine Force Recon in a long campaign recreation of the Second Battle of Fallujah. This is was just one of many campaigns hosted by the 1er R.A.


The start of a new year also inspires a look back at the one that's ended. LeoRigel has released a retrospective video of 2021 that shows a number of highlights from events hosted by the longstanding TvT community OFCRA. Be sure to follow OFCRA's Twitter account for announcements of weekly TvT events you can participate in!

Not everything goes to plan for Volcbat in this video, as the unit takes to the gunboats in riverine operations. This action packed sequence is just one of many showcased in Volcbat's "Quickie" video series.


From January 28th to 29th, Savage Game Design and Military & Veteran Gamers hosted another 24 hour charity event!

"Jungle Run II" consisted of multiple rounds of 60v60 player TvT (hosted by Friday Night Fight), a custom 12 hour 58 player PvE Scenario, public MIKE Force servers, and interviews with MACV-SOG veterans. The fundraising campaign had a target of $10,000 USD, which was surpassed; nearly $16,000 USD was donated towards MVG's cause. Excellent work by all those involved!

A number of Arma 3 content creators and streamers participated in the event, most of whom can be found here and followed on Twitch for future content!


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