Welcome to the Community Radar, or as we also call it: #COMRAD. We're here to showcase another batch of incredible community content that was shared recently. Check it out!


The night belongs to the Combat Technology Research Group. This is something Farsight has made quite clear with this extremely stylish artwork of a CTRG Group 3 Operator in full assaulter kit! Check out his contrasting piece depicting a member of CSAT's Viper Team, the "Shadow Stalkers," here.

Titled "Evolution," this image by WilsonTheIrish depicts infantry in equipment from 1944 to 2035 (and one special drone). This image was created as a tribute to the past eight years of Arma 3 and the work of its developers and the modding community. From left to right - Faces of War; Arma 3 Creator DLC: S.O.G. Prairie Fire; Arma 3 Creator DLC: Global Mobilization; 3 Commando Brigade Units; RHS United States Armed Forces; USP Gear AIO & Tier One Weapons; Arma 3; and Arma 3 Contact DLC.

Here we have a piece of commissioned art by Krager 556. This "tacticool" operator in full kit and armed with a Vermin SMG appears to be searching through an abandoned village, possibly in the training areas of Livonia. This is just yet another beautiful example of the creativity of the Arma community!

Speaking of Livonia, Gekon has created this excellent screenshot of a Livonian Defense Force member and their squad patrolling through the colorful forests of the Autumn Livonia conversion mod by Greenfist. Check it out on Steam Workshop today! The mod also affects any other community maps that use vegetation assets from Livonia.

With this final piece, have something a bit different to share. ZFXFScreenshots has created this image of the Royal Navy coming ashore on a Caribbean archipelago in the 18th Century. The mod used to create this image was Nassau 1715, which should be downloaded if you want to experience a fairly unique total conversion of Arma 3!


From the Projets Edaly team comes this truly remarkable and unique mod. This alpha version of their Tiger mod will add a new danger to your jungle themed operations! Check out the Projets Edaly Discord for more information on the Tiger mod, as well as some other interesting projects they currently have in development.

If you wish to have the power to control AI teammates through your voice, then the Integrated AI Voice Control System by Asaayu is for you. This mod adds the ability to give orders with your voice without any other external mods or software. If you have been looking for an excuse to replay any of Arma 3's single player campaigns, you now have one!

An early access build of the Queen and Country mod has been released on Steam Workshop. This mod aims to add period accurate uniforms and equipment for British Armed Forces during operations in Iraq (Operation Telic) and Afghanistan (Operation Herrick), and is perfect for any group wishing to do historical milsim operations based on the 2000s-2010s era.

On October 4th, the Community Upgrade Project Team released a massive "CUPDATE" This brought major changes to CUP Units, CUP Vehicles, CUP Weapons, CUP Terrains - Core, and CUP Terrains - Maps 2.0. Full changelogs for each mod can be found on the CUP website.

For those who are fans of Antistasi, the popular community scenario has received updates for all versions. Before you get your friends together to liberate one of the many featured maps from invading forces, check out the changelog here.

The Advanced Combat Environment Team have also released a major update, with ACE3 v.3.14.0. This update features a host of bug fixes, improvements, and additions, and also the merging of ACEX with ACE3. Check out the full changelog here.


On September 7th, OFCRA hosted another one of their major Team v. Team events - this time one that was World War 2 themed. If you wish to participate in a future OFCRA event, keep an eye out for more major Team v. Team event announcements; OFCRA hosts them every Thursday and provides sign-up information on their Twitter.

On September 16th, The 16th Air Assault Milsim Community hosted a public Liberation event with a minimal modset on Malden. The 16th AA are looking to do more organized Milsim events in 2022, so contact them if your unit is interested in setting up a joint operation!

Friday Night Fights is a long standing community Team v. Team event that happens every Friday, and includes a number of different individuals and communities. If you or your community wish to participate in these up to 124 player skirmishes, you can visit the FnF website for more info and to register.


Community content creator Viper1Zero has released this video detailing his top 25 must have mods for Arma 3. Check out the video and see if your favorite mod(s) ended up on his list!

Arma 3 Machinima maker Ceb.Cin has released his long awaited DEVGRU Episode 1: Bloodhounds, the first in a planned series of four episodes. In this episode, members of The Naval Special Warfare Development Group are tasked with retrieving a CIA operative from captivity. Check it out, along with Ceb.Cin's other works.

In this episode of a long running GameSpot YouTube series, weapons expert and Keeper of Firearms & Artillery at the Royal Armouries Jonathan Ferguson reacts to the weapons of Arma 3 and some of its DLC and Creator DLCs. We welcome a follow on episode or more, as there are quite a number of interesting weapons that Mr. Ferguson did not yet cover!


For the eighth anniversary of Arma 3, Bohemia Interactive assembled the Splendid™ Squad - a group of some of Arma 3 most popular streamers, for who no operation is too dangerous. The cast consisted of DiabloHelmetcam, DigbyTW, Jester814, Karmakut, OperatorDrewski, Rimmy, and Arma 3 Community Manager LeClair. The Splendid™ Squad was deployed to Tanoa on September 12th to infiltrate a secret research facility, and were put to the absolute test by mission designer and Zeus Gamemaster Liru the Lance Corporal.

If you missed the stream, hosted by Arma 3 Community Manager Nillers, check out the Arma 3 Official Twitch channel's VOD of the event. Individual perspectives of the Splendid™ Squad members are available on their respective Twitch and YouTube channels.

The Splendid™ Squad will return...

On September 24th, Savage Game Design promoted a 24 hour Charity S.O.G. Prairie Fire livestream event that brought together Arma 3 content creators and MACV SOG veterans for gameplay and discussion sessions. The charity that benefited from the event was Military & Veteran Gamers, whose mission is to create a safe gaming space for service veterans. The 24 hour fundraiser was successful, and even exceeded its $10,000 USD goal! Participating Arma 3 community members included Bluedrake42, ControlledPairs, DigbyTW, Dolly897, FriendlyNikolai, Karmakut, OperatorDrewski, Sherrifeli, and UselessFodder.


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