As part of this year's Arma 3 10th Anniversary celebrations, we'd like to showcase the vast and rich world of Arma 3. There's so much to discover and learn about Arma 3's narrative design and setting, and the best way to do that is directly from the creative leads. That's why Community Manager Nillers recently hosted Ivan Buchta (Creative Director) and Scott Alsworth (Narrative Designer) in our first 10th Anniversary live stream. Questions about the game's world and place within the overall "Armaverse" were answered, including some questions directly from the audience.

You can watch the Video on Demand (VOD) on either Twitch or YouTube.


The intricate and realistic design of the terrains of the Arma series is integral to each game's narrative and setting. If you wish to experience the maps the old-school analog way, head to our Bohemia Interactive Store and claim one (or more) for yourself.


Since last September, we've been showcasing some of the most iconic weapons, vehicles, and objects of Arma 3 and its DLCs on our ArmaPlatform social media accounts in the series #LegendaryAssets. Here are the first 17 unforgettable pieces of Arma 3 history featured in this ongoing series, from the T-100 Varsuk MBT to the goat:

#1 MAR-10 .338 (from Marksman DLC)

Used primarily by the CTRG, this semi-automatic rifle has a 66cm long barrel, weighs 4.4kg, and is chambered in .338 Lapua Magnum.

The MAR-10 isn't easy to handle, but its high power, extreme precision, and effective range (up to 1,700 meters) compensate for that fact.

#2 UH-80 Ghost Hawk

The Ghost Hawk is a BLUFOR medium-lift utility stealth helicopter that was introduced in the base game. It was developed for special operations with a focus on the deployment and extraction of troops undetected by enemy radar.

Some pilots say the stealth design hindered the versatility of the helicopter compared to its predecessor, the UH-60. Nevertheless, the Ghost Hawk is now used as a primary transport helicopter for NATO and the CTRG.

#3 - ED-1 Mini UGV (Contact DLC)

The ED-1 is a commercial off-the-shelf series of robotic systems built upon a man-portable modular platform. The ED-1 has convenient front and rear obstacle climbers that allow it to traverse relatively complex terrain.

Standard lithium-ion batteries power the electric propulsion system and are placed to facilitate so-called 'hot swaps' in the field.

The two primary ED-1 variants for remote military operations are Explosive Ordnance Disposal and CBRN Defense.

The former has an integrated mine detector and mounts a custom 12-gauge disruptor weapon on its swivel arm, intended to disable explosive devices.

The latter is a literal driving laboratory, complete with a full suite of CBRN sensors and a chemical compound sampling laser, as well as a telescopic biopsy probe on its arm.

#4 - MX 6.5mm Rifle

The MX assault rifle is one of the MX family of modular weapons used by both NATO and the CTRG. It's lightweight, reliable, easily serviceable, and compatible with a large number of accessories. The MX series uses a 6.5mm caseless round.

Other MX series variants include: the MX 3GL, equipped with a grenade launcher; the MXM, a designated marksman rifle for engaging targets at a longer distance; the MX SW, a light support machine gun; and the MXC, a carbine with a shorter barrel for CQB engagements.

The modular MX family was designed by real-life gun manufacturer CMMG Inc. of Missouri, U.S.A, specifically for Arma 3.

#5 - Spectrum Device

Originally developed for the private security industry, the Spectrum Device is a small handheld transceiver with an electromagnetic spectrum analyzer. Its grip fits a range of directional antennas with varying frequency ranges.

The Spectrum Device is commonly used by security services to jam drones. In addition to this, the device is fitted with other antennas that enable operators to receive and identify a wide range of signals, as well as transmit signals. This means that the Spectrum Device can be used for various tasks besides drone jamming, such as monitoring and communication.

An integrated screen lets users tune to desired frequency bands and also analyze the strength and quality of signals. Extra features have been added to the device's firmware after initial manufacturing and field feedback, including a compass and other useful navigation aids.

#6 T-100 Varsuk

A modernized version of the Russian T-95 MBT. The ongoing development of the new generation battle tank was restarted in 2016 thanks to revenues from the oil crisis.

The new concept of battle tank is lower and lighter, with increased maneuverability. The T-100 Varsuk comes with a standard 125 mm cannon, 7.62 mm coaxial machine gun and a commander-controlled NSVT-M 12.7 mm HMG.

#7 - Goat

This lovable creature is an Arma classic! You'll often find them grazing the Altis countryside, blocking the Stratis roadways, or enjoying long walks on the Malden beaches.

#8 - SDAR 5.56 mm

The Special Dual-medium Assault Rifle is a bullpup rifle specially designed to allow shooting both on land and underwater. It uses a standard 5.56x45 mm round or special supercavitating ammo, which is efficient when used underwater.

Used by combat divers, the SDAR is the only weapon in Arma 3 that can be used both on land and underwater. When used underwater, however, its range drops rapidly, from 35 meters when at a 10-meter depth to 13 meters at a 40-meter depth.

The weapon has semi-automatic, three-round burst, and full auto fire modes and achieves a muzzle velocity of 270 m/s with dual-purpose ammunition. The rifle, unlike most in Arma 3, cannot be fitted with optical or muzzle attachments.

#9 - VR Buddy

The VR Buddy is a trusted companion in Virtual Arsenal and VR training scenarios!

#10 - Kart (Karts DLC)

The kart is a small, four-wheeled, gas-powered vehicle used for recreational racing in outdoor or indoor amusement parks. It has a 4-stroke engine offering up to 20 hp and shouldn't be operated by drivers under 18 years old.

#11 - Type 115 6.5 mm (Apex Expansion)

The Type 115 consists of two separate weapons combined into a single unit: a lower semi-auto rifle chambered to fire .50 rounds and an upper automatic/semi-auto rifle chambered in 6.5 mm.

The Type 115 can be modified with attachments to fulfill various roles on the battlefield. Its versatility turns every soldier into a universal threat against both infantry and soft-armored targets.

#12 - A-164 Wipeout

"We were in need of a NATO ground attack aircraft for the sandbox, so we created the A-164 with "stealth" aesthetics which are also used on other aircraft (e.g., drones, helicopters)." - Ivan Buchta, Creative Director

The A-164 Wipeout is a single-seat aircraft used for close air support. The life cycle of its predecessor, the A-10, ended in 2030, and the need for a replacement grew more important with the rising tension in the Pacific.

A limited development budget didn't allow for a fresh start. Instead, the concept of the A-10 was improved with better shape, engines, and armaments.

#13 ENVG-II (Apex Expansion)

"It was a blessing for the Apex campaign, which mostly takes place in misty jungles during the night. It helped to handle combat in a densely vegetated environment." - Ivan Buchta, Creative Director

The ENVG-II are night-vision goggles (NVG) used primarily by CTRG operators. The ENVG-II allows the user to switch between night and white-hot thermal vision modes.

You can use IR flares and laser pointers to mark objects and locations when using night vision. They will remain unseen by the enemy unless they're equipped with night vision. Always use strict light discipline if the enemy is likely to be NVG capable.

#14 - Demining Drone (Laws of War DLC)

"We underestimated the development and miniaturization of drones. They're much better, smaller, and more capable in 2023 than our '2035' abomination." - Ivan Buchta, Creative Director

Engineers of the International Development & Aid Project (IDAP) took a standard Utility Drone and modified it for highly effective mine clearance operations.

This improvised drone uses a powerful sensor ring to detect mines as it flies low to the ground. It then releases one of its four demining charges from a higher altitude in order to safely detonate mines or other types of ordnance below.

#15 - Promet 6.5 mm (Contact DLC)

Part of a sweeping effort to modernize the Livonian Defense Force's infantry capabilities, the Promet modular bullpup rifle became the LDF's main service rifle in late 2020.

The rifle is manufactured in a range of color options. Its 6.5x39 mm caseless ammunition is the same caliber as NATO's 6.5mm ammunition which is used in MX class weapons.

The Promet is known for its unique detachable carry handle with integrated 2.5x magnified optics. Besides being a marksman variant with an extended barrel, it can also be fitted with a 40 mm underslung grenade launcher.

Tactical teams can also choose to mount an underbarrel 12-gauge shotgun module with a quick-release cylinder for an extra close-range punch.

The rifle comes in different color variants, including the geometric woodland camouflage that's standard for the Livonian Defense Force.

#16 - Cyrus 9.3 mm (Marksman DLC)

Manufactured in Chernarus, the Cyrus 9.3 mm is a gas-operated action rifle with semi and fully automatic fire modes. This CSAT rifle is precise and deadly at medium distances.

Thanks to its 9.3x64 mm ammunition type, the Cyrus offers better performance than standard 7.62 marksman rifles. At the same time, it's lighter and more versatile than most sniper rifles.

#17 - Prowler (Apex Expansion)

"The idea was to provide something mobile, possibly carrying some punch (AT launchers, miniguns), but vulnerable." - Ivan Buchta, Creative Director

The Prowler is a light strike vehicle (LSV), which means it's agile and lightly armored. It uses speed, maneuverability, and off-road mobility to avoid major threats.

The Prowler is light enough to be sling loaded by medium helicopters like the UH-80 Ghost Hawk. This is in contrast to heavy MRAP vehicles, which are harder to transport to the battlefield.

The Prowler can be configured in several different ways. Armed variants are equipped with a .338 SPMG medium machine gun (mounted on the front passenger side), while the turret can sport a .50 cal heavy machine gun or Titan missile launcher.

With this arsenal, the Prowler is ideal for quick hit-and-run missions. The unarmed variant is stripped of all guns, but the back of the vehicle is open, and there are reserved seats for two additional soldiers.


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