Last autumn, we shared our roadmap for 2016-17 and beyond. In it, we mapped out a high-level plan to support Arma 3 with splendid new content additions and platform updates. Since then - aside from a brief winter hibernation - we've been hard at work turning those plans into reality.

It's also become something of a tradition for us to celebrate the New Year with a quick retrospective of our progress, and a look ahead at the development in front of us. 2017’s no exception, and it's our pleasure to present our plans, with a particular focus upon Jets DLC.

While we're yet to unveil more specifics, we hope this overview provides a fresh perspective on our work. It's fair to say that Jets DLC is our key focus on the run up to its impending launch, which we plan to support with much more info and pre-release Dev-Branch testing!


Arma 3 in 2016 was a big push for Bohemia Interactive. As always (no, really, we keep saying it for a reason), we're thankful for our team’s creativity and dedication. 2017 stands to be yet further consolidation of the platform – an exploration of its true strengths: authenticity, diversity and opportunity.


On behalf of the A3 team,

Jay Crowe (RiE)
Creative Director, Arma 3