Welcome to the Community Radar, or as we also call it: #COMRAD. We're here to showcase another batch of incredible community content that was shared recently. Check it out!


Our first featured screenshot by Comrade Weslley depicts American paratroopers from the 82nd Airborne Division participating in Exercise REFORGER 80 - "Certain Rampart." Exercise REFORGER was a joint NATO exercise held annually from 1969 to 1993.

Next, we have a series of images by Flex7103 honoring those who risk their lives saving others providing humanitarian aid to areas impacted by natural and man-made disasters, as well as war. You can learn more by playing the Arma 3: Laws of War DLC or visiting the International Committee of the Red Cross website.

The Second Battle of El Alamein comes alive in this action screenshot by thebuckfastwine.

Finally, we celebrate community artist G4nDalf reaching 300 followers on Twitter with this commemorative screenshot!


Have you ever wanted to turn Arma 3 into an RTS? Now you can with jacktheviper's ZEUS WARGAME RTS Mod. Download it today from the Steam Workshop here.

mharis001's indispensable Zeus Enhanced (ZEN) mod has recently been updated, and has added a number of new features for game masters to have even finer control and tools at their disposal for their hosted play sessions. You can check out a video of some of the new additions, and view a full changelog here.

The long-awaited F-117A Stealth Fighter mod by Farm Fox released on March 19th. Make sure to download it from the Steam Workshop here and take to the skies!


On March 18th, Savage Game Design hosted a large scale PvE event designed by Liru the Lcpl. The event, which featured 60 player slots, was based on the Battle of Ap Gu. You can view a video on demand of Liru's Zeus perspective here on Twitch.

The virtual 663 Squadron AAC and No. 617 Squadron RAF, attached to 3rd Battalion, The Parachute Regiment Mil-sim Unit, conducted numerous close air support exercises this month at 3 PARA's Land Warfare Center. Make sure to check out 3 PARA Mil-sim Unit's Discord server!

This past month, theStowMarines PMC reached 400 followers on Twitter, and wanted to thank the community. Congratulations StowMarines on the milestone!


On March 5th, 2013 - 10 years ago - Arma 3 Alpha was released. To mark the date, community legend Viper1Zero released a retrospective video about how Arma 3, with the support of its community, will never die.

Tag along with members of R3F Mil-sim in this long-play video of the unit's recent Operation Aurora Push scenario.


On March 8th, Community Manager Nillers interviewed Creative Director Ivan Buchta and Narrative Designer Scott Alsworth in the first live stream in a series dedicated to 10 years of Arma 3. This live stream, which focuses on "Background, Narrative, and Setting" is available on-demand on Twitch and YouTube for those who missed it live.


Community Spotlights:




Bohemia Interactive Interview


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