Welcome to the Community Radar, or as we also call it: #COMRAD. We're here to showcase another batch of incredible community content that was shared recently. Check it out!


Paratroopers of the 82nd Airborne Division patrol a street somewhere in Western Europe in the summer of 1944 in this beautiful screenshot by Ninestrom Greyhound.

A squad of US Marines participate in Operation Urban Express - a major urban combat exercise - during the mid-1990s in this artwork by Napalm Deliveryman. This is quite reminiscent of Operation Urban Warrior, the real-world urban warfare planning and testing exercise conducted by the United States Marine Corps in the mid-1990s. Note the prototype urban camouflage variant of the then-in-service US Woodland pattern.

Members of the Armed Forces of the Midland Coalition (AFMC) scramble around a rooftop attempting to prep a FIM-92 MANPAD while an angry Czech Mi-24V stares them down - weapons systems prepped - in this tense image by POLPLOX.

The AFMC and the Mi-24V were added (among a number of other vehicles, weapons, pieces of gear, objects, and more) to Arma 3 Creator DLC: ČSLA Iron Curtain in its recent 1.1 update.

Members of an unknown numbered group of NATO's Combat Technology Research Group (CTRG) pose for a rare photo in their unique dazzle camo uniforms while on deployment in Sefrou Ramal, Argana in this splendid screenshot by Farsight.


Legendary Arma community mod developer Toadie has blessed us all with another one of her excellent weapons packs - this time based on the SCAR weapons platform. You can download this new release and try out all 89 variants on the Steam Workshop today. Make sure you also have the required dependency NiArms Core!

IceBreakr has a number of new terrain projects on the go, but that hasn't stopped him from updating Fapovo Island to version 1.9. This update has brought substantial visual improvements - including repaved runways with realistic markings, an expanded Beratna army base, fixes to roads and pathing, and other small bug fixes. You can download Fapovo Island on the Steam Workshop.

Faction mod Japan 2035 received an update this past month. Version 2.2's main attraction is a desert version of the Japanse Ground Self-Defense Force (JGSDF), complete with new desert equipment and vehicles - but there are also a number of bug fixes and improvements. You can check out some screenshots of Japan 2035 on the Twitter account Sparky's Screenies.


Friday Night Fights will be hosting 120 players for PvP Vietnam action on November 18th, starting at 8:00pm UTC. You can learn more about how to participate in this event, and other weekly PvP sessions set from the Second World War to modern day on their Discord!

On November 11th, the Royal Armoured Corps eSports Club and the British Army eSports Association hosted a First World War event in commemoration of Remembrance Day. You can view a trailer for the event on YouTube here, where members of both groups recited famous Canadian war poem In Flanders Fields, by John McCrae.

On November 10th, team vs. team community OFCRA hosted a public Arma 3 event which featured France and Switzerland fighting against the Altis Armed Forces (AAF). Visit OFCRA's Discord today and keep an eye on their Twitter if you wish to learn more about or play in any future team vs. team action!


It is nearly the end of 2022, and Arma 3 aviation enthusiast Viper1Zero has a new annual Top Arma Mods video to share! Sit back and see how many of these 25 mods you have yet to try out!

Check out this excellent YouTube Short by the 4thID Arma 3 Milsim Gaming Unit showcasing the M1126 Stryker and all of its capabilities.


On November 12th, Arma content creator and streamer DigbyTathamWarter hosted an Arma 3 Creator DLC: S.O.G. Prairie Fire co-operative scenario re-creating the famous Battle of Ia Drang - the first major battle between the United States Army and the People's Army of Vietnam (PAVN) in the Vietnam War. This event had over 100 players take part, including developers from Savage Game Design, real-life MACV-SOG veterans, Arma 3 Community Manager LeClair, and numerous content creators and streamers, such as (but not limited to): Lcpl_Liru, Nemesis, SovietWomble, DigitalVagrant, Dolly897, Dinklebean, MarkofMe, ZFjoink, Pyrionflax, deepfriedfriends, Staticiser, jackowashere2, and UselessFodder.

If you missed any of the lives treams of the event, you can watch a Video on Demand from Digby's view as Zeus Game Master here.


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